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A Clearer Sky

A continuation of The Secret Garden

Yorkshire, 1914. Mary Lennox thought her world didn’t need to extend past her aunt’s secret garden after finally finding a home with her cousin, Colin, and her uncle at Misselthwaite nearly six years ago. But when war breaks out in Europe, Mary realizes that she can’t control anything outside the garden walls when her childhood best friend, Dickon Sowerby, announces he’s leaving to fight, taking away both his steady companionship and Mary’s dream of something more. Things only spiral further with Colin’s sudden departure, and Mary is left to run an estate she never planned to manage.

As the Great War spreads—bringing wounded soldiers, news of death, and increasing uncertainty to Yorkshire—Mary is forced to reckon with decisions she isn’t ready to make. And she can only hope that the mysterious magic of the garden that brought them all together once before reaches far enough to preserve the home and family that she waited so long to find.

In this stunning continuation of The Secret Garden, author Krystal Bailey brings readers back to the garden gate and beyond with a story full of heart, familiar faces, and new beginnings.

Available in eBook, paperback, hardcover, and audiobook.

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*Also available at Scribd, Overdrive, Palace Marketplace, and Thalia

A Clearer Sky

Ildri & The Echoes of Trees

Volume I

A mysterious theft, a hidden heir, and an unbreakable bond.

A full-moon night always leads to mischief, yet one night changes everything—the fateful night the Raven Queen invades the elvish kingdom of Treelock, leaving none alive. Only Ildri, the secret heir born of an elvish king and a human mother, survives.

Saved by her mother's ingenuity, Ildri is hidden among her mother's kin in her home village. Her mother's parting gift: a shroud of secrecy, concealing her true identity, even from herself.

In the quaint village of Kel-green, Ildri struggles to find her place, even with her best friend, Matthew Merrick, and her supposed twin, Kirana, at her side. But a monstrous raven emerging from the forest's depth causes Ildri's world to spiral into chaos, opening questions that can only be answered by forsaking the home and family she thought she knew.

In a world of elves, humans, and elemental magic, Ildri must unravel the secrets of her past and find a way to reclaim her home.

Coming soon on March 5! Pre-order the eBook on Amazon now.  

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The Echoes of Trees
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