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The Ildri Chronicles

The Seven Realms

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Ildri & The Echoes of Trees

#1 — A novel

A mysterious theft, a hidden heir, and an unbreakable bond.

A full-moon night always leads to mischief, yet one night changes everything—the fateful night the Raven Queen invades the elvish kingdom of Treelock, leaving none alive. Only Ildri, the secret heir born of an elvish king and a human mother, survives.

Saved by her mother's ingenuity, Ildri is hidden among her mother's kin in her home village. Her mother's parting gift: a shroud of secrecy, concealing her true identity, even from herself.

In the quaint village of Kel-green, Ildri struggles to find her place, even with her best friend, Matthew Merrick, and her supposed twin, Kirana, at her side. But a monstrous raven emerging from the forest's depth causes Ildri's world to spiral into chaos, opening questions that can only be answered by forsaking the home and family she thought she knew.

In a world of elves, humans, and elemental magic, Ildri must unravel the secrets of her past and find a way to reclaim her home.

Available in hardcover, paperback, eBook, Kindle Unlimited, and audio

The Echoes of Trees
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Mara & Ilian

#0.5 — A novella

A little village in the far corner of Timberton offers nothing but monotony. At least, according to Mara Gower. Even though Mara’s never known any different, she longs for more than the predictable neighbors and uninspiring future before her. Mara wishes for the contentment her sister, Enna, seems to have found in their confined world of Kel-green.

Aching for adventure, Mara ventures into the neighboring forest, where towering, vibrant trees beckon her with an irresistible charm. All the villagers’ haunted tales and superstitions about the forest melt away as Mara wanders through the forest—that is, until she gets lost.

But an unexpected stranger appears, offering to guide her home, and an unlikely friendship begins. Ilian, a wood elf, is unlike anyone in Kel-green, and he introduces Mara to a far bigger, more magical world that exists just steps beyond her own door. As seasons change and Mara’s relationship with Ilian deepens, Mara’s mind awakens to possibilities she never dared dream of before.

Just as Mara starts to believe in an impossible future, she discovers Ilian hasn’t been honest about who he is and what he means to the forest. Against clashing cultures and expectations, Mara must decide if she can ever belong to the world she’s fallen in love with—and the elf at its center.

Coming Summer 2024 in eBook!

Mara & Ilian
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